The Downe Township Recreation and Tourism Development Commission was established by Township Ordinance in 2012 as one of the second local commissions in Downe Township.

The Downe Township Recreation & Tourism Commission was created to:

  • To present for the benefit of the Township Committee a representative category of individuals and visionaries related to recreation and tourism opportunities currently available or which could be made available in the future arising out of or related to activities available by virtue of the unique geography and natural resources in Downe Township.
  • The Commission will provide a report on recreation and tourism development opportunities concerning the Township of Downe.
  • The Commission will report on the status of tourism and recreation opportunities within the Township of Downe as well as a vision of potential recreation and tourism opportunities within the Township which would benefit the citizenry of the Township.
  • The Commission will seek and report to the Township Committee any funding source which could promote general or specific projects relating to the promotion of recreation and tourism opportunities within the Township.
  • The Commission will cooperate by way of spearheading or participation from an advisory capacity in the application of any available potential funds which could promote tourism and recreation opportunities relating to the Township of Downe.
  • The Commission will act to jointly, with any other body or commission created or existing within the Township, in furtherance of the purposes set forth herein.
  • The Commission shall spur private investment and reinvestment to maximize tourism and recreation opportunities within the Township.
  • The Commission will encourage the proper maintenance and preservation of tourism and recreation opportunities.
  • The Commission will work to enhance the development, diversity, continuity, open access and related benefits in the interest of the Township as to tourism and recreation opportunities.


The Commission is an advisory body composed of five (5) members and one (1) alternate who all serve without compensation. The Commissioners shall be residents who are interested and knowledgeable in the recreation or tourism opportunities within the Township.  The Commission shall represent the following categories:

Class APersons who are residents of the Township and are knowledgeable or have demonstrated interest in local recreation development opportunities.

Class B: Persons who are residents of the Township and are knowledgeable or have demonstrated interest in local tourism development opportunities.

Class C: Persons who are residents of the Township and who do not hold a paid Municipal office, position or employment except for membership on the Planning/Zoning Board.

  • There shall be at least one (1) member from Class A and Class B.
  • Commission Members shall be appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the Township Committee and shall serve as follows: two (2) members will serve for one (1) year, one (1) member shall serve for two (2) years, one (1) member will serve for three (3) years and one (1) member will serve for four (4) years.  The alternate Member shall initially serve for a two (2) year term.  If a Commission Member is also a Planning/Zoning Board Member, the term of office as Commission Member is the same length as the other position.  Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner in which the previous incumbent was appointed, and such vacancy appointment shall be only for the balance of an unexpired term.
  • The Commission shall adopt internal rules and procedures for the transaction of its business, subject to the following:
  • The Commission shall elect from its Members a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • A quorum for the transaction of all business shall be three (3) Members.
  • All Commission minutes and records are public records and all Commission meetings shall comply with the Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 et seq.).
  • Commission meetings shall be scheduled once every month or as often as required to fulfill its obligations.
  • No Commission Member shall be permitted to act on any matter in which he or she has, either directly or indirectly, any personal or financial interest.

The recreation & tourism Commission shall be responsible to:

  • Identify and evaluate potential recreation and tourism opportunities to the interest of the Township.
  • Conduct research on and identify potential sources of recreation, tourism and funding for purposes of seeking the growth of such opportunities related to the Township
  • Assist other public bodies in aiding the public in understanding the current and potential recreation and tourism opportunities available.
  • Advise the Township Committee on the relative matters of proposals involving development plans for the recreation and tourism industry as well as assist in the preparation of a long range plan which would include within it a plan for securing any available grant, whether local, State or Federal, or from any source whatsoever to aid and assist in the identification, development and promotion of recreation and tourism opportunities.
  • Secure the voluntary assistance of the public and, within the limits of the budget established by the Township Committee for the Recreation and Tourism Commission’s operation, to retain and consult experts and incur expenses to assist the Recreation and Tourism in its work.
  • Cooperate with local, county, State or any other body, governmental or not or organization to maximize contributions to the intent and purposes of the Commission.
  • Advise and assist the Planning/Zoning Board during the preparation of any update to the Master Plan with regard to recreation and tourism opportunities.
  • When possible and where appropriate prepare and distribute information to foster an appropriate comprehension of tourism and recreation opportunities related to the Township.

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